Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ruffle butt leggings!

Inspired by Ruffle Butt brand's new line of super cute leggings, I decided to make my own out of an old pair of leggings + some white tulle I had laying around.


LOOK HOW CUTE THAT IS! They're really easy to make too. I had white tulle off a bolt, so I cut 6 strips about 1.5"wide by however wide the fabric was (I'm pretty sure it was 40", like most fabrics). Then I cut those strips in half so I had 12 strips about 1.5" wide by 20". I layered 4 of the strips together and gathered them like a regular ruffle. Then I pinned them on an old pair of leggings (about 1" from the bottom of the elastic waist, and about 1" apart) and sewed them down with a zig zag stitch. I think they probably took me a total of 30 minutes to make, minus eating dinner and changing the baby. I'd really like to make a couple different colors, maybe some for gifts...because more babies NEED ruffle butts!

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