Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hi! I'm new here.

I've been trying to get this blog set up for weeks and haven't been able to get much accomplished! I forgot how hard it is to chase after a very active, crawling, puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, 9 month old...while also keeping a 3 year old busy and happy :P I have a lot of projects I want to do and hardly any time to do them *sigh*. I think my next big project is going to be a t-shirt to toddler dress for the 3 year old. I'd also like to hit up the thrift store this week to get some reconstruction material for myself and maybe the girls. Then I need to start on the Halloween costumes (fairy princess or Ewok for the 3 year old lol, Rainbow Brite for the baby!). That's just the beginning of my list! Hopefully I can create a tutorial or two along the way. I LOVE googling tutorials, so it would be nice to give back :)

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